Hogtied by the Fire for Christmas…

I love getting tied up at Christmastime! 😉

Everyone’s all excited about the holidays and it’s easier to spend a little extra bonding time with my fellow pervs. Plus, it’s hard to avoid buying a few new toys for myself when I’m out shopping for naughty Christmas presents for my friends…

One of my favorite ways to spend a cold winter’s night this time of year is to curl up in front of a warm fire with a bottle of wine, a trusted friend, and a pile of unyielding, leather straps.

He (or she!) can get the fireplace lit while I slip into something lacy and provocative for the season … usually red, coupled with a gorgeous matching PVC waist cincher and a pair of red patent stiletto ankle boots.

Once I’ve painted my lips with a delicious red velvet shine and the warmth of the fire has filled my living room with a welcoming glow, it’s time to take my place in the middle of a ridiculously soft white bearskin rug so that my friend can get to work binding my body with all of the black leather straps that I’ve selected for their enjoyment.

A loop around my booted ankles, and a second around my knees serves to weld my stunning legs perfectly together!

More straps around my wrists and elbows – behind the back, of course – serve to put my flexibility to the test. Is it really even bondage if a girl’s elbows aren’t touching, anyways?!

This approach to my restraint, I’ve found, sets the stage well for a nice and festive holiday hogtie as my captor then runs a strap from my wrists down to my ankles and cinches it until I can feel my fingertips brushing the ends of my stiletto heels!

All that’s left is to stuff a gag in my mouth – I like a good harness gag with my hogties to get that last cinch in between the crown of my head and the rest of the bondage that’s holding my body tight.

Then that bottle of wine gets popped and my guest’s feet go up as we listen together to the crackle of the fire and maybe some soft Christmas music, occasionally accentuated by my bound grunts as I struggle happily during one of the best times of the year. Don’t worry – I’ll be sure to drink my share of wine once I’m free … bondage does tend to make a girl thirsty!

So what are your favorite kinky traditions this time of year?

– Kim 💋

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