My Dearest Cuckold Husband…

I never knew how much I needed to deny you until I had a real man’s cock buried deep inside of me.

I always thought that marriage was an intimate devotion between husband and wife, but I’ve never felt closer to you than when I had you locked away and I was sharing my bed with another man…

The thrill of being fucked by a hot stud with a cock that dwarfs the one that I’ve had for the last ten years was AMAZING, yet even more intoxicating was seeing my husband … the love of my life … down on his knees and desperate to humiliate himself to the fullest in order to please me.

The look on your face when I unwrapped my new leather corset to have you lace me into … for him … was priceless.

To watch you drool with envy as I slid my feet into the expensive, designer boots … that you’ve fantasized about for ages … was divine.

I know that you expected me to order you down on your knees to worship them before I left for my date, which is why forbidding you from touching them was even more delicious!

Seeing you kneeling there on the floor in our bedroom, with that silly chastity cage that you insisted I purchase locked around your dick, while you gazed up at me primping and prepping myself for another man made me wetter than you’ve ever made me in 10 years of marriage.

I walked out our front door feeling so horny, and so ready to fuck, that I can’t even imagine going back to the sex life that we had before I tasted how exhilarating real lust can truly be…

…and by the looks of how much dripping you did through your little cage while I was gone, I’m pretty confident that you enjoyed it, too.

Which is why the next time that I go out to spend my evening with another man, I’m going to expect even more out of you than before…

Maybe you’ll go to my favorite lingerie store at the mall and tell the girl that you’re looking for something your wife can wear out on a date.

Maybe you’ll pick up a fresh box of condoms and leave them in my purse like any good, little cucky would.

Maybe you’ll even get put to work shaving my pussy so that it’s nice and bare like the guys prefer these days.

You’ll do whatever I say, and I’ll do whatever I want … because that’s how our relationship works now!

I hope that this letter turns you on, my dear hubby, because it has me ready to spread my legs and you’re not due home from work for hours.

What ever will a slutty housewife do to pass the time?!

Love Forever and Always,

– Your Wife, and Your Cuckolding Goddess, Alexandra


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