Girls’ Night Out Cuckolding Challenge

Kristi grinned as she once again scanned over the rules that she and her girlfriends had agreed upon for their Saturday night out at the club. After recently discovering that each of their respective hubbies and boyfriends had a certain “curiosity” about them flirting with other men … and sometimes more … the women had put together a little challenge for each other to see who had the guts to explore their newfound fantasies the furthest…

Together they had devised a series of increasing naughty tasks and assigned each a point level – whichever girl earned the most points that night would be declared the winner!

The first category was easy enough – designed around what each girl would wear for their night out, with emphasis of course around outfits that were tight-fitting and irresistibly sexy…


+1 pt for each inch that your high heels are

x2 points for wearing high heeled boots

+1 pt for flowing dress with cleavage

+5 pts for dress or skirt that ends above your knees

+15 pts for miniskirt or microdress

+5 pts for sexy lingerie underneath

+25 pts for sexy lingerie as a top

Kristi was pretty proud of herself for what she had laid out on the bed – a skimpy pair of lacy, red panties and its matching bra, a leather miniskirt that barely came halfway down her thighs, and a pair of leather knee-high boots that she already knew went great with her skirt on account of her husband’s remarks every single time that she wore them together.

28 points!

“Not bad!” she thought, though she knew that some of the other girls – particularly Lindsey who seemed to wear clubbing attire everywhere that she went – were going to give her a run for her money when it came to dress. The next section, however, was where things got more interesting…


+1 pt for letting your husband see you dressed before you leave (only counts for outfits of at least 15 pts)

+5 pts for comments about dancing with other men

+10 pts for locking him in chastity before you leave

+15 pts for wearing the key around your neck when you come out

+25 pts for asking him to pick you up a package of Magnums on his way home from work

The chastity thing, and definitely also the condoms, definitely made Kristi chuckle! Her husband Phil hadn’t hinted at any interest in that, though Jen and Amy’s husbands had and the girls had already shared some crazy stories about the things they had them do after locking up their dicks in these small, plastic cages that they’d purchased off the Internet!

The idea of Phil getting down on his hands and knees and kissing his wife’s boots before she went out dancing with other men sounded surprisingly hot, but in the meantime she’d have to settle for something a little more down to Earth under the Tease section.

Unfortunately, her husband wouldn’t actually be home for a few hours after she’d already be gone, so as a consolation prize she had an idea. After taking the time to enjoying slipping into her sexy attire – her frilly underwear and her tight, revealing skirt – which she ended up pairing with an equally revealing, shimmery top, and then finally her tall, black leather boots, Kristi sat and did her makeup before posing for a few saucy selfies which she then printed out and spread across her husband’s side of the bed for him to discover when he arrived home later that night.

To add an extra hint of spice to his discovery, she also hand wrote him a note to accompany her photos…

Hi honey!

Just wanted to share a few pics for you to enjoy while I’m out tonight. Will try to snap a couple more if I end up meeting anybody special tonight…

Don’t wait up!

Love, K

Another 6 points … she was really going to have to give chastity a try if she wanted to close the gap in that area.

As she collected her things in her purse, Kristi read over the remaining challenges that they had outlined for their night out.


+1 pt for letting a guy buy you a drink

+3 pts for dancing with a guy

+5 pts for slow dancing and grinding with a guy

+10 pts for making out with a guy

“Now this could be fun!” she chuckled as she thought about the previous times she’d gone out with her friends, and how much time they’d spent out on the dance floor, and how many drinks they’d actually bought for themselves!

The last one was admittedly a little out of her comfort zone, though she hadn’t told Phil just yet but she’d certainly gone further than she ever would’ve expected as a married woman in the past when things got heavy and her body was grinding up against a hot guy whose name she hadn’t heard thanks to the loud music around them.

If they scored Flirtations on a per drink/dance/kiss… level, she figured she could easily rack up 20 or 30 pointsmaybe more if she threw her inhibitions to the wind and ended up in the arms of a guy who she really liked!

And then there was the Extra Credit…

Extra Credit

+20 pts for either giving a handjob or letting a guy finger you

+40 pts for giving a blowjob

+75 pts for having sex

+150 pts for going home with a guy

She remembered that they were all several drinks in when they came up with this last part of their challenge, although she tried to remind herself that not only had their partners shown interest in this type of thing to inspire their little game in first place, but it wasn’t exactly like she didn’t see the thrill in fooling around with some of them herself, either.

As Kristi checked herself out in the full length mirror in their bedroom one last time before turning off the light, she knew that her thoughts on the matter could drastically change once she was actually out with her friends, and the drinks were flowing and they were enjoying the music, and the sexual ambiance of the night was about her.

Was she planning on blowing a guy or even hooking up with a random stranger in a dark corner of the club?

Not really, but she was open to exploring her sexuality that night and having a little fun. And if it gave her a new sexy story to tease her husband with when she got home, then all the better!

Walking out the door, she already had 34 points to her name and she was ready for a night of naughty fun. Her high heeled boots clicking against the driveway as she left her regular, suburban life behind for a few hours, she wondered how many points the rest of the girls had earned so far…

…and for the ones who’d already locked their hubbies in chastity, if they’d taken pictures to share with the rest of the group, too!

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