Veronica’s Secret Stash

Pulling into the back of the parking lot under the shade of a large oak tree, Veronica carefully glanced around the vicinity for onlookers before shifting her car into park and turning the stereo to one of her favorite punk ballads.

It had been a stressful morning, and she just needed a few minutes for herself.

Reaching into the vibrant purple leather handbag on the seat next to her, the girl’s fingers dug all the way to the bottom of her purse – past her wallet and half a dozen assorted lipsticks – until she finally found what she craved nestled deep in one of the corners of her bag.

She produced the items one by one – a simple pair of tweezer-style nipple clamps connected by a short chain, a shiny pair of silver thumbcuffs, and a small, purple vibrator that at first glance blended in remarkably with the rest of the makeup in Veronica’s purse.

Veronica looked in her rearview mirror across the shopping center parking lot behind her once more, though she knew by now from experience that no one ever wandered back to where her car now sat idling. Ever.

Without further delay as she noted the clock for her short lunch break ticking down, the girl unbuttoned her shimmery white satin blouse just enough to show her bra, folding the cups of the frilly, white lingerie back so that her nipples were exposed. Veronica then took one of the tweezer clamps and squeezed it around her left nipple, letting out a quiet sigh of bliss as it gripped harder as she slipped the sliding ring up the clamp until it had a firm, but not unbearable grasp of the girl’s slowly hardening nipple between its rubber-coated tips…

After doing the same with the other clamp and then giving them a brief, little tug, the horny girl desperate for relief reclined her seat before spreading her legs just enough to provide access to her crotch up her plain, grey uniform skirt. As one final act of ritual, Veronica took the shiny thumbcuffs in one hand and carefully locked the device first around her left thumb, then after taking a moment to turn the mini vibrator on, locked her other thumb as well, the cuffs now holding her hands an awkward several inches apart.

Just enough to provide an element of bondage, while also leaving her enough dexterity to get the job done!

The girl let out a large sigh as she settled into her seat and closed her eyes, savoring the firm hold of the clamps on her nipples as she touched the tip of the vibrator to her clit over the top of her panties. Her thrashing music on the radio was just loud enough to help tune out the rest of the world while slowly but surely the vibrations between her legs began to work their magic and wash away the stress that her retail job had given her over the last several hours.

Ever resisting against the steel cuffs that held her hands rigidly in place, Veronica methodically and deliberately made small circles with the toy around her sex, occasionally teasing her curious lips but always wandering back to her clit which was alive and eager, sending jolts of electric anticipation through her body every time that she paid it a modicum of attention.

As her tender nipples slowly began to throb from the persistent grip that the nipple clamps imposed, it wasn’t long before the girl’s calculated strokes came to fruition and her body began to shake … first starting with a slight jitter in her legs, followed by a quickness in her breathing as it traveled up her arms, until at last a single bead of sweat formed through her makeup on her brow as she quietly called out, “Oh god…” and then whimpered as her tiny circles soon grew furious as she attempted to squeeze out every last ounce of her much needed lunchtime orgasm.

Veronica didn’t open her eyes until the moment had fully passed, savoring every last second of the ride as she came coasting back down, eventually pulling the vibrator away and just focusing on her breathing as the wave passed her by, leaving a trail of pleasant satisfaction gently in its wake.

When she finally saw the time on the clock, she knew that she’d have to settle for drive-thru again as she hastily tripped the safety lock to remove the thumbcuffs, then carefully released the nipple clamps and slid her bra back into place before depositing her treasures back into the bottom of her purse and buttoning her blouse up once again.

Taking a moment to wipe dry her forehead and check the rest of her makeup, Veronica then put her car into reverse and left the spot same as she’d done a hundred times before, pulling into line at one of the fast food restaurants nearby to grab something she could eat in her car on her way back to the store, rushed and yet also relieved from the tension she’d been carrying all morning just the same.


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