Study Buddy

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Trish sat blissfully atop her special, new barstool as she flipped through the pages of her chemistry textbook in preparation for her upcoming final, trying her best to focus on her studies while underneath her flowing, spring dress her loving boyfriend was hard at work with his own efforts to help the girl relax before her big test… Kneeling out of sight beneath the folds of her crisp, white dress, Brandon’s face was planted firmly between Trish’s thighs where he was put to the self-imposed task of gently licking and caressing his girlfriend’s bare pussy while she studied. Held fast in place by the bondage that he had meticulously designed into the chair, the couple quickly agreed that their first run was going quite well as Brandon’s neck was locked into place with a padded collar that he had built into the device, further reinforced by a system of...
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