Announcing the KinkyWriter Summer 2019 Patreon Pledge Drive!

Greetings and salutations, my fellow kinksters!

With the official start to our kinky summer, I’m excited to announce my very first Patreon Pledge Drive!

All throughout the month of June, I’ll be offering a special collection of kinky erotica to anyone who pledges at least $5 on my Patreon…

These five books represent a $14.95 value when purchased individually on Amazon, and of course, that’s on top of the existing rewards that you’ll get for becoming a KinkyWriter subscriber on Patreon!

  • Basic Access to the KinkyWriter Story Vault, spanning an additional 10 stories
  • Sneak peeks of all of my upcoming stories before they’re published
  • A special Q&A reserved especially for Patreon subscribers
  • Notifications whenever new titles are published

But wait – there’s more!

In addition to all of the goodies that you see above, everyone who pledges will also receive the following bonus books if we meet these stretch goals…

  • 20 Patreon subscribers – My Sweet Little Chastity Bitch (my #2 all-time bestseller)
  • 40 Patreon subscribers – 30 Days of Bondage (my very first novella)
  • 60 Patreon subscribers – Her New Cuckold … The First Chapters (the complete series of this chastity/cuckolding/femdom favorite)
  • 80 Patreon subscribers – Kinky Sex with Friends (a bundle of five naughty stories all featuring a third participant!)

And of course, $5 is the minimum pledge, but if you’re interested in indulging in any of the extra content available to subscribers at my higher Patreon tiers, there’s some great stuff to be found such as…

  • Up to 49 erotic stories in the depths of the KinkyWriter Story Vault (incremental throughout tiers)
  • Exclusive vignettes that have never been published anywhere else (Black Leather tier)
  • ARC List access for those interested in receiving free copies of select books in exchange for reviews (Steel Chastity tier)
  • Even complimentary copies of every new book that I publish (Ultimate Submission tier)

All in total, subscribers have the opportunity to receive $37 IN FREE BOOKS this month with a minimum pledge of ONLY $5, so don’t delay! 

Your pledges help to support me being able to write and share even more of the kinky erotica that you love, whether you’re into steel chastity belts or naughty hotwives or leather, leather, and more leather! I have a lot more exciting projects that I want to bring to life for you in the future, but I can’t do it without your support. For the price of a fancy, iced coffee that’s honestly more milkshake than coffee, you can help me take another step towards these goals … and you’ll get a digital bookshelf full of great loot, too!

Come visit me on Patreon, throw a few bucks in the overturned leather bondage hood, and enjoy all of the fantastic stories that I’ve put together for this year’s inaugural KinkyWriter Patreon Pledge Drive!

Note: Free books will be distributed nightly via email through a great service called BookFunnel, so check your spam folder for messages from [email protected] if you haven't received your books within 24 hours of your pledge.

P.S. You can help everyone work towards those bonus book stretch goals by sharing a quick note on social media after making your pledge – just use the Share (Facebook) and Tweet (Twitter) buttons in the right column…



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